Biomani Pure Unbuffered Acids









Biomani Scientific SkinCare introduced pure acid for chemical peels. Pure acids are chemically pure, no buffers added. Buffers, when added to an acid, it reduce its power but does not affect its concentration. that means when an acid is 50% concentration adding a buffer will not touch its concentration but reduces its power to a minimum.

That means all buffured acids only exfoliate but do not peel. Exfoliation produce a lot of flaking, pure acid do not. Pure acid can go deep as the 4th layer while puffered acid do not cross the stratum corneum. There is no downtime with pure acids. The list of differences goes on...

List of Biomani Pure acids

  • Glycolic acid 50%
  • Lactic Acis 50%
  • TCA 35%
  • Salicylic Acid 30%
  • Citric Acid 30%
  • Acne Clarifying Acid 20%
  • Biomani Compound Acid
  • Modified Jessner Acid
  • Eye Area Acid Peel

All pure acids come in 28ml size. Only sold to the one who are trained and certified to use them.