Cellulite and Ingrown Hair












Cellulite is a terminology that describes compartmental fat accumelation under the skin of certain areas in women's body which give s the skin dimpling appearance. It starts from the first menstrual cycle and gradually increasing in size rendering it unsightly.

Ingrown hair is caused by waxing or shaving. It causes severe skin irritation and sometimes infection of the skin that requires medical treatment.
Biomani has developped certain products that improve and prevent the above conditions.


Slender Contour

slendercontourIts use results in gradual reduction of cellulite in conjunction with low fat diet and exercise. Using it with other methods enhance and accelerate the disappearance of the cellulite.

It is applied daily on the affected areas




biodermBioderm effectively treats and stopsbskin irritation associated with ingrown hair., shaving, epilators and waxing. he effect is quite dramatic and usually seen within 12-24 hours. Formulated by Biomani medical team, this unique product contains medical grade ingredients combined with specialized botanical extracts. It does prevent ingrown hair and eleminate pseudofolliculosis barbae.

It is applied immediately after shavinf or waxing.