Biomani Cleansers and Toners












Biomani Cleansers and Toner are created by Biomani medical team from botanical extracts and natural ingredients to deeo cleanse the facial skin without any irritation. Actually the products moisturize the skin while enhancing the skin's circulation, unclogging and tightening the pores and nourishing the skin. It can be used on all types of skin

Facial DermaClean


Its unique formulation with herbs and botanical extracts, provides excellent cleansing power while moisturizing and increasing skin e renewal process and opening cloggrd pores. It thoroughly removes excess oil, environmental impurities and make-up.

It is used twice daily



AHA/BHA Exfoliating Acid Wash

This deep cleansing lotion has pH 3.0 and contains alpha and Beta-hydroxy acids that exfoliate the dead skin and accelerate the natural skin renewal process. It has Jojoba beads that gently open pores and remove damaged skin, revealing a fresher look and more youthful complexion. Further more, it provides excellent moisturization, remove excess oil and encourages the production of collagen

It used once daily


Dermatone Ginseng Toner

dermatoneIt has multifunctional hydrating properties that provide natural proteins to help maintain elasticity, bio-extracts effective in hydrating, and minerals that possess stimulating abilities that help in the skin’s natural repair process. It contains Ginseng extract, which revitalizes and conditions the skin. It minimizes pores and regulates oil, and gives the skin a healthy glow with a young-looking complexion.

Apply twice daily


Fruit Enzyme Facial Scrub

fruitenzymesA light gentle cream for facial scrub with light brown speckles of Almond Meal and green speckles of Jade Jojoba Beads. It gently exfoliates even sensitive skin without irritation, removes dead skin, revealing fresh new skin cells that give skin a healthy glow and enhances the skin’s natural ability to regenerate. It minimizes skin pores and controls oily skin. Apply every other day

It is applied every other day