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January - Junes 2017


THE EYES are the first area of the face to show age. Youthful eyes make your entire face appear fresher. Consumers are demanding problem-specific products. In the past, lasers tried to reduce the existing signs of aging; today the emphasis is on protec­tion. We will briefly detail causes and treatment options to address the dark under-eye circles and puffy bags.
The under-eye area is very sensitive and is prone to irritation. It is almost 10 times thinner than the other parts of the body. It has very few oil glands, so it becomes drier quickly and is prone to irritation. Dark circles are mostly heredi­tary, however they are also due to stress, unhealthy eating, vitamin and mineral deficiency, smoking, drinking alcohol, ultraviolet damage, veins and capillaries that show through skin, irritation and the natural dark pigment. The presence of all or even just some of these elements, along with dry skin that is getting thinner and the pull of gravity, stretches the skin mak­ing circles appear even bigger and appear looking dull and tired.

Cause and Effect

The primary cause of under eye circles is poor blood circulation and the leakage of blood in the delicate tissues surrounding eyes. A lack of sleep or stress, also increase eye circle darkness.
Traditional skin lightening products do not have any appreciable effect on dark circles. As a last resort, women may consider laser treatment for perma­nently eliminating dark circles. Ancient and traditional Chinese medicine, both associate under eye darkness to a diseased state of diges­tive health. Western medicine also asso­ciates under eye dark circles with kidney function. Under eye bags and puffiness are caused by a slow down in the blood and lymph microcirculation resulting in fluid retention along with fat deposits in the lower lid area causing bulging effect. This effect usually is either due to he­reditary or health issues. Wrinkles can be disguised with makeup, but prominent under eye fat pads can only be removed permanently by surgery; their re-occur­rence is unlikely. Topical treatments in­clude putting ice-cold green tea bags onto eyelids. Catechin content protects the delicate eye area minimizing puffiness. Cooling eye gel mask also provides relief from red, watery, itchy eyes. Place sliced-cucum­bers on your eyes, cover with damp cool cloth for thirty minutes. Place a satin eye pillow filled with buckwheat and place over your eyes.
There are no cosmetics that can completely alter puffy eyes. Alcohol con­sumption and a diet high in salt can cause water retention and increase the puffiness around the eyes

What's Out There?

Associated with Eye Area Peel, Biomani UltraFirmimg and Eye Expression creams are designed to be light enough for the eye area, yet delivers optimum moisturization. The eye area is usually dry and more sensitive, which is why eye creams are normally formulated with higher levels of emollients and lower lev­els of humectants. Eye creams tend to be thicker than regular moisturizers, too. UltraFirming and Eye Expression creams are ophthalmologist-tested to reduce the chance of stinging or burn­ing the eyes. Eye area skin is very thin, and if it is plumped up, it makes eyelids look puffy.
It is better not to use Retin-A near the delicate eye area, as it tends to migrate and could irritate eyes or even damage them.
The best time to apply an eye-area treatment is at night, when skin is resting. Once the sun goes down and hectic lives quiet down, there are no external aggres­sion's and cells are more absorptive, thus deep hydration and surface moisturization are both accomplished
Biomani eye area products mimic the effect of an injectable product or a surgical eyelift by firming and tightening the skin for a youthful look.

Biomani SkinCare products are highly therapeutic and are absorbed readily by the skin without causing any adverse effect. They are not sold over the couner but only in doctor’s offices and medical aestheticians.