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The skin of the eye area is unique, because its behavior and structure is unique. It is very sensitive to sun, smoking, excessive drinking and environment. It gets wrinkled easily, suseptible to eye lid saggging and pigmentation.  Facial products are not quite effective on the eye area that is why special product formulation is needed to restore and rejuvenate this area.

UltraFirming Eye Cream

UltraFirming cream is unique topical eye treatment that helps to restore and lift, snap the resilience of the skin and reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles. There is significant increase in the elasticity and collagen formation, softness and hydration of the skin.

It is applied twice daily.


Eye Expression

eyeexpressionDo not be afraid of dark circles. Eye expression was created by Biomani after 3 years of reaseach. It lightens and fades away stuborn dark eye circles. It contains special botanical extracts and Potassium Azelaic that work on the factors that cause dark circles.

It is applied twice daily.