Biomani Restorative SkinCare Line











At the age of 40 and above, skin starts to show signs of damage caused by sun, pollution, stress and other factors
Biomani medical team began collaborating to bring this amazing youth-enhancing  products to women everywhere in the form of Meaningful healthy skin and return to the youthful looks and appearance. Since that initial launch, women have been raving about the way this remarkable skin care system has helped their skin look younger than they ever thought possible.

Elastin-Collagen Crème

elastin.collagenWThis biological cream restores the skin to its youthful appearance and erase all signs of damage rendering the skin to look healthy and youthful.

It is applied twice daily.



Citrus-Sage Cream

sageCitrus-Sage is formulated with active botanical sage,watercress and lemon bioflavenoids. This combination purifies as well as restore the vitality of skin complextion It is very specific for acne skin as it has natural anti-bacterial action and control oil production.

It is applied twice daily.


Thalassic-Marine Crème

marineThis product contains special bio-fermentation extracts derived from red marine algae. These extracts create effective restoration effect of damaged exhausted skin, improves skin texture and fights skin sagging

It is used twice daily