Biomani Therapeutic Masks










Biomani Scientific SkinCare masks are formulated with medical grade essential oils, botanicals, biologically active and nutrient rich herbs that penetrate deep into the skin. They render the skin smooth and softenning the fine lines. They counteract the damaging effect of sun UV light.


Aquaderm Hydrating Mask

aquadermIt has a special formula that contains specific combination of botanical extracts and essential oils that moisturize and smooth the facial skin while hydrating and clarifying the complexion.

It is applied twice weekly for 3 hours.



Camphor Therapeutic Mask

camphorThis creamy medicinal mask combines camphor with botanical extracts to enhance the skin's immune system and remove inflammatory reaction, sun burns and acne irritation.It gets rid of skin toxins, debris, controls excess oil. It is very specific for acne treatment.

It is applied twice weekly for 3 hours.


Papaya Honey Mask

papayaA unique formula that incorporates active papaya and botanical ingredients to retexturize and smooth the complextion. It deep nourish the skin while clarifying it. It counteract the damaging effect og environment and polution.

It is applied twice weekly for 3 hours



AcneControl TheraMask

acnemaskIt is one og the main treatment of acne. It contains botanical as well as specific ingredients that are imported from Europe that fight acne, control oil, prevent new acne formation. It works very well with AcneControl TheraGel and AcneControl TheraCleanser.

It is applied twice weekly for 3 hours.